12th Summer academy landscape workshop in Loski Potok, Slovenija, 2013
‴ Euracademy Workshop

In July 2013, Euracademy organised in Loski potok, Slovenia, an International workshop in the context of the annual summer academy of Euracademy “Culture and Landscape: Contributions to Sustainable Rural Development”. The workshop disseminated the activities of the project, debated its contribution to a new learning model regarding European policy assessment and citizen engagement; and offered the opportunity to an international audience to present best practice of wisely exploiting landscape as a component of sustainable rural development. The workshop also included study trips in Slovenian landscapes that either demonstrated best practice characteristics or presented problems of management, planning or protection. The participants were asked to suggest solutions to the problems identified and compile reports for each place visited. The workshop was attended by 48 participants from 13 EU countries, including academics and local development practitioners. The lectures during this workshop have been published in a separate volume of “Landscape Workshop Proceedings” and will also contribute to the 12th Euracademy Thematic Guide. Members of the E-CLIC lectured at the workshop and other European experts were invited to speak and take part in the debate, discussing the contribution of the ELC to sustainable rural development.

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