Lake of Cerknica, Slovenia, 2012
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The Slovenian CLIC Conference was held on the 2nd October 2014, in the Biotechnical Centre Naklo, and attracted a lot of public interest. In total 139 participants were registered from the target groups of secondary students, university students and general public. This indicates that the significance and the conservation of landscape is strongly recognised among all generations in Slovenia.
At the beginning the importance of European Landscape Convention (ELC) and its implementation was highlighted through 3 basic principles: manage/ protect/ plan.
The event stressed the educational program, produced within the project E-CLIC, which will be used by schools, faculties and other institutions as part of general environmental education or as part of a general awareness of European policies, with a focus on the European Landscape Convention.
The first part of the Conference included two interesting key note speakers:
(1) Mojca Golobič / Faculty of Landscape Architecture, Biotechnical Faculty / Connecting between the European Landscape Convention and the importance of innovative learning.
(2) Nika Lužnik / 7reasons Medien GmbH / Multidisciplinary in the creation of virtual archaeology with animations in 3D.
The second part of the conference gave the floor to the ten selected projects of the CLIC competition and, following their presentations, the winner in each category was announced.
An E-exhibition of all project proposals was available to all conference participants.