‴ Learning Material/Learning package

A learning package will be produced to be used by schools, higher education and other institutions, such as adult education centres or NGOs, either as part of environmental education or to promote public awareness of European policies and attract the active participation of people in the assessment of such policies. The ELC will be taken as a “pilot case” to test awareness raising among younger and older adults regarding a number of location-based and universal “values” promoted by the ELC; while reinforcing the necessity to embark on a joint effort in the EU to protect an important European asset – the landscape.

The learning package will be produced on the basis of the winning entries of the competitions and will address “challenges” to stimulate further discussion and debate amongst learners. The principles of “learning by dialogue” and “learning by playing” will be fully exploited. The learning material will include a review of the ELC and its policy objectives; will familiarise the learner with a number of ICT methods and tools – using the winning solutions of the competition to demonstrate “challenges” and taking examples from the library of ICT resources, encouraging the user to try the open source engines; and will invite the learners to create their own learning materials using the ICT resources library and the best practice database.

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