Aberdeen, Scotland, 2013
‴ Library of ICT Resources

A library of “resources” has been created by selecting tools that are either open source downloadable from the internet; or which have been developed by the partners and can be used by competition entrants for dealing with the “challenges”. Such tools include game-based learning (e.g. using the open source platform arisgames), the landscape theatre and its applications (developed by the James Hutton Institute (JHI) and used also by EMU), solutions manifested in 3D models using engines such as Autodesk Maya / Octaga / Vega prime / Google Sketchup / Blender, etc., as well as a bibliography and a database of learning materials related to ELC and the “challenges” facing the European landscapes.

Access the Library of ICT Resources.

You can also access the full Report on the Library of ICT Resources, for more information on the methodology.